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Reviewed by Fabian Van Onzen Originally From: https://marxandphilosophy.org.uk/reviews/19912_introduction-to-marxist-theory-selected-writings-by-ernest-mandel-reviewed-by-fabian-van-onzen/ Resistance Books, London and the International Institute for Research and Education, Amsterdam, 2021, 306 pp., £15 pbISBN 9780902869653 Ernest Mandel was one of the most significant Marxists of the twentieth century. During his life, Mandel participated in anti-fascist resistance, played a leading role in

The origin of the term “Tree hugger”

Posted by wisidagamage on  March 26, 2022

Category: Environment
Photo: The village women of the Chipko movement in the early 70’s in the Garhwal Hills of India, protecting the trees from being cut down. The first tree huggers were 294 men and 69 women belonging to the Bishnois branch of Hinduism, who, in 1730, died while trying to protect

Michael Löwy on Marx

Posted by wisidagamage on  March 25, 2022

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Michael Löwy 22 March 2022 Isabelle Garo and Alex Cukier interviews Michael Löwy about his way into Marxism and the challenges for Marx’s thought in the world today. Originally From: https://www.versobooks.com/blogs/5306-michael-lowy-on-marx?fbclid=IwAR2CZaSSHBVYsFqvt8H5Ym4Fq2hO9liR4zXP0vm8zSVznwMUwDn1-6EiAYQ How did you first come across Marx’s thought? Let me start from the beginning. I was born in Brazil in 1938, in the city
25th Feb, 2018 Originally From: https://www.historicalmaterialism.org/blog/luxemburgs-critique-bourgeois-feminism-and-early-social-reproduction-theory Ankica Čakardić is an assistant professor and the chair of Social Philosophy and Philosophy of Gender at the Faculty for Humanities and Social Sciences, University of Zagreb. Her research interest include Marxist critique of social contract theory, Political Marxism, Marxist-feminist and Luxemburgian critique of
1999, by MARIK Soma Republished From: http://www.europe-solidaire.org/spip.php?article13677 “ In 1903, when the RSDLP was facing dissension on the question relating to membership in the Party, Luxemburg stood on the side of the Mensheviks. She criticized the Leninist-Stalinist teaching about the Party of a new type, resulting from an opportunist theory of spontaneity;
17th March, 2022 Sri Lankan Parliament Concludes Second Reading on Bill to Dispossess Farmers of Farming Land The Land Development (LDO) (Amendment) Bill got through the second reading in Parliament last Friday. Ignorance and indifference exhibited by Members of Parliament on the issue of farmers’ indebtedness is outrageous. Many of