About Us

About Lanka Socialists Forum

The Lanka Socialist Forum is a site for socialist activists to discourse and critique policies, perspectives and strategies of emancipatory politics and contribute new ideas and insights to the progressive struggles of the working class, the disempowered and the disadvantaged in Sri Lanka within a global socialist perspective. .

The Forum provides access to sharing of knowledge and experiences of working class and socialist activists around the world so as to enable the socialist activists in Sri Lanka to learn from and build their own capacities in formulating policies, perspectives and strategies in their struggles against all forms of oppression and develop alternative models of social development and transformation. .

The methodologies include: research papers, feature articles, talks, debates, discussions and stories from leading socialist theoreticians and activists around the world in Sinhala, Tamil and English languages. The criteria of selection of material will be based on the contributions they make in theory and practice for the advancement of the struggles for social and political emancipation of the oppressed in Sri Lanka. .

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