Thu. Dec 2nd, 2021

BY Uma Shanika

In the hand of breath
With the hanging daughter
Ticketing and mindlessness
Before me to step in
The longway of the wide trails.
Freeze in the silence
In a rough time
Throwing it down
In the little vagina
The sperm that Abby has gone through
Climbed and moved everywhere
The faces.
Grew up and grown up
In the middle of the forest
As a shadow
She split the soil
A mother's food.
′′ There is death when there is birth in the world
Understand the change of destiny ′′
Woke up when water separated
The whisper paper.
Death is never known
Not wandering in search of a place
The body of a woman
As a thing of desire
Will kill
Wicked and inhuman
Searching for a self-space.

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