Thu. Dec 2nd, 2021

 06 October 2021

The Sri Lankan police deliberately allowed a violent attacker to escape, residents of a Chunnakam neighbourhood have alleged.

On Monday, a sword-wielding group broke into a house near Ezhalai Sivaguru shop and attacked the occupants of the house and damaged the belongings in the house.

While the mob fled the scene as neighbors gathered upon hearing the commotion, one attacker was apprehended by the locals.

The neighbors admitted one injured person to the Tellippalai hospital and informed the police about the incident. The apprehended individual was handed over to the Chunnakam police who arrived at the scene.

The man fled the scene within minutes of being handed over to police custody, leading locals to accuse the police of deliberately allowing him to escape.

A complaint regarding the incident was registered with the Human Rights Commission of Sri Lanka (HRCSL), following which the organisation’s Northern Regional Coordinator T. Kanakaraj has summoned both the Chunnakam Police Station Officer-in-Charge and the Jaffna Regional Senior Superintendent of Police to appear before the Jaffna Regional Office on the 8th to explain the circumstances leading to the suspect’s escape.Related Articles: 05 October 2021 : Sri Lankan Human Rights Commission to investigate death of man in custody01 October 2021 : Sri Lankan police deny abduction of former LTTE cadre19 September 2021 : Protests in Jaffna after Tamil youth found dead outside Sri Lankan police station

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